Welcome to Chult and to adventures in the Tomb of Annhiliation campaign setting!

Character Creation

  • Starting level: before your first session, the GM will give you HALF the total XP the party earned so far in the campaign. As we progress into higher levels, this base XP will help new players skip the earlier levels altogether and start in a much more competitive state.
  • Abilities: Use point-buy for 27 points, or the standard array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. After the points are distributed, every player can add a flat +1 to each Ability score in order to make characters more survivable.
  • Player Characters level up by XP.
  • No Evil characters / alignments.
  • No flying races of any type, including variant tiefling with wings (other tiefling variants are fine)
  • Only these books are allowed when creating characters:
    1. Player's Handbook
    2. Dungeon Master's Guide
    3. Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
    4. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything
    5. Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything
  • Consider the Themes and boundaries in this campaign before applying: Themes of Gameplay
  • New characters are always foreign to Chult. Check the Character Background page.
  • A D&D Beyond link will be provided to help you create a character using only these sourcebooks and nothing else.
  • Those who attend will be invited to a Discord server that documents sessions and progression of this campaign, as well as chat with other players! :)

Homebrew to Consider

We are using as much of D&D 5th edition as-written as possible, but at the same time complementing the system with homebrew rules for a better pace and flavour across a long campaign:

For Character Creation

For Gameplay


In general, this is not a particularly role-playing-focused campaign. It's equal parts role-playing, combat, map exploration (hexcrawl), dungeon-crawl and discovery of forgotten civilizations and relics. We have sessions of lots of RP, then the next session is a massive fight, and the next session a map hexcrawl venturing into the jungle!

You can role-play your characters as much as its fun to you. Whatever works for you is fine, as long as your role-playing don't stay in the way of anybody else's fun. This last part is very important: an arrogant character is OK as a concept, but a player that constantly interrupts the others to "role-play" said arrogance is not.

More Inspirations may be given to role-playing that helps move our story forward. RPGs are about making decisions building an epic story together, and acting in-character helps to achieve that.

If online: Tools needed

If the ToA campaign is being played online, it will be using a combination of Roll20 and D&D Beyond. Characters are created on D&D Beyond and rolls are integrated into the Roll 20 game via the Beyond 20 plugin. Ask the DM for the D&D Beyond campaign invite link in order to create your character.

Audio and community management is through Discord. You'll also be sent an invitation link for the Discord server.