Welcome to Chult


Chult is a land of peril: a far away land of untamed tropical wilderness, dense jungles and volcanoes. Crowded with bloodsucking insects, monstrous reptiles, carnivorous birds and beasts of every variety. Some people say the heart of the peninsula is swarmed by the undead, but that could be . Whatever the truth is, the farther one moves away from the coast, the more inhospitable it becomes.


It is also a land of promise: of beauty and mystery that cannot be found anywhere else. Even as it remains poorly understood, it is easily one of the most gorgeous regions of Faêrun. Home to countless species of flowering plants, colourful birds, enormous fish and cunning reptiles. It is also the lair of rich cultures and rare sentients like the aarakocra and the tabaxi.




Players can whisper the DM on Roll 20 or Discord if certain subjects become uncomfortable. But please note Chult is supposed to be a brutal land. It may surface mature themes like:


  • Some gore, but not a chainsaw massacre. Mostly heads on pikes. :)
  • Animistic religions, as many ghostly entities roam the land. Spirits possess sentient, voluntarily or not.
  • The aftermath of rituals with animal sacrifices will be found here and there - but not during the ritual, to avoid unecessary descriptions.
  • Slavery is common in certain lands of the Forgotten Realms, particularly the "evil" ones (Thay, Underdark, etc.). It's not common in Chult, but slave raiding may be practised by foreign agents and pirates.
  • Isolation and tribalism. (A good reading of how those can devolve even the most civilized into barbarism is the book "Lord of the Flies".)


If any of those are an issue, don't apply.




There are spiders. Lots and lots of spiders. And insects. And snakes.


If such phobias are an issue, don't apply.