Be yourself in the world of Zeebo! Zeeboids is an avatar app created to be an integral part of the Zeebo game console, distributed free over ZeeboNet store.

You customize your Zeeboids’ physical appearance, including hair, facial features, clothes and physique, to make them look like yourself or anyone else.
Zeeboids have their own history and accomplishments. As you get better at playing, they acquire new skills. The Zeeboids application keeps track of their accomplishments, such as their best scores. It even gives rewards for outstanding achievements! You can compare your Zeeboids high scores to those of other Zeebo users in online rankings.
And you can even “synchronize” your Zeeboids via the ZeeboNet Wireless Network, so you can use them when playing on friend’s Zeebo systems!
Tiago Tex Pine
Data Analyst @ Bethesda Game Studios
I am Data Analyst and Game Designer. Across 12+ years, I led the development of 20+ games for several platforms, with teams up to 60 people. In the last 5+ years, I have been working with the Mobile Free-to-Play business model, focused on Economy Design and Data Analysis to create and balance features with insights from the real player behavior.

My goal is to learn and master Artificial Intelligence applied to the Games industry and the game business in general.

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