Zeebo Extreme Series

Faeries vs. Darklings

Faeries vs. Darklings is a puzzle game with epic battles between Faeries and the evil Darklings - beings of shadows who want to transform all forests into pieces of their own twisted dimension. Help the Faeries to succeed by becoming a powerful Mage, gathering magical power and summoning more Faeries into the battle.

Pick your side to conquer the world - Faeries or Darklings. Unlock new powers and islands as you progress in more than 30 stages.

Invite your friends to be a part of your Mage Guild and unlock powerful spells to use against the invaders. Use magical ingredients to boost your Faeries and your spells. Increase your Mage level by gaining experience after each battle, and unlock new enemies and new forests that will challenge your summoning skills!

A unique puzzle game for Facebook, mixing fast match-3 puzzle gameplay with strategy, combat and friends' ladders. Great production values and quality, published by Atari.