For Tomb of Annihilation we are adopting the new Exhaustion rules from One D&D playtests (download here). It works better with the Travel rules and has more range for jungle exploration without being as overly punishing. But we also add a penalty in character Speed at levels 5 and 10 of exhaustion akin to the older 5e system, to better reflect the loss of stamina.

Levels of Exhaustion

The Exhausted condition is cumulative. Each time you receive it, you gain 1 level of exhaustion. You die if your exhaustion level exceeds 10.

EXHAUSTIONd20 Roll PenaltyOther effects
5-5Speed halved
10-10Speed reduced to 0
11 or more Death

d20 Rolls Affected

You subtract your exhaustion level from these d20 rolls:

  1. Ability / Skill checks
  2. Attack rolls
  3. Saving throws
  4. Spell Strike rolls (of Player Makes All Rolls)

If using Player Makes All Rolls, Defense rolls are NOT affected.

Spell Save DCs Affected

Subtract your exhaustion level from the Spell save DC of any Spell you cast. When using the rules of Player Makes All Rolls, this can be converted into simply subtracting from the Spell Strike roll (inverse of an enemy's saving throw).

Ending the Condition

Finishing a Long Rest removes 1 of your levels of exhaustion. When your exhaustion level reaches 0, you are no longer Exhausted.