I am Data Analyst and Game Designer. Across 12+ years, I led the development of 20+ games for several platforms, with teams up to 60 people. In the last 5+ years, I have been working with the Mobile Free-to-Play business model, focused on Economy Design and Data Analysis to create and balance features with insights from the real player behavior.

My goal is to learn and master Artificial Intelligence applied to the Games industry and the game business in general.


  • Senior Game Economy Designer

    (11 months)Montreal, Canada Area

    Free-to-Play mobile games studio, long-time partner of several big brands.

    – Balanced systems with infinite progressions in “idle” games, dealing with inflation and exponential escalation of parameters while keeping the game fun at any given point;
    – Designed Live Ops systems and workflows to push all new games into a more data-driven approach where virtually any game parameter could be updatable and AB_testable after launch.
    – Developed Gameplay Simulators in Python to project and assess the long-term impact of balancing decisions, using the SymPy library to interpret formulas and parameters from Google Sheets, and using Data Analysis APIs (like Pandas and SciPy) to assess results from simulation runs.

  • Senior Game Economy Designer

    (2 years 2 months)Montreal, Canada Area

    Lead mobile games Publisher, 5000+ employees.

    – Built free-to-play games that can be operated as Live services, with features such as events, time-limited content, promotions, expansion packs, bundle packs;
    – Led the game design of an announced 60+ people project, including core mechanics, supporting systems, meta-game planning, retention & monetization strategies, and economy balancing;
    – In Siegefall, I was a senior designer but also the main data analyst during Live Ops. I routinely developed Python code using data science libraries such as Pandas, Statsmodels and SciPy. Tasks included execute AB tests, cluster users and find statistical correlations;
    – In Gangstar New Orleans, I designed Live Ops, Data Tracking and Time-Limited Events systems, working alongside game programmers, server engineers and data engineers.

  • Game Economy Designer

    (1 year)Montreal, Canada Area

    Lead mobile games Publisher, 5000+ employees.

    – Design and implementation of balancing and monetization strategies for the freemium business model;
    – In Dungeon Hunter 4, improved the IAP revenue per paying user by up to 58% and ARPU by up to 54%;
    – In Gangstar Vegas, improved the IAP revenue per DAU by up to 38%, and the IAP revenue per paying user by up to 48%;
    – In Rival Knights, I balanced an economy that managed to peak at #33 at USA’s iOS Top Grossing chart.

  • Product Lead

    Oktagon Games
    (8 months)Rio de Janeiro Area, Brazil

    Free-to-Play mobile games start-up, developer of next-gen titles of F2P model.

    – Designed new free-to-play games, free-to-play experiences and monetization loops;
    – Prioritization of features and production process for new games;
    – Helped with the Economy design of Armies & Ants, working on Excel spreadsheets for economy simulation and interaction with analytics data.

  • Head of Production

    Glu Mobile
    (1 year 6 months)São Paulo Area, Brazil

    Lead mobile games Publisher, 300+ employees.

    – Led the development of the Blood & Glory franchise (2 iOS/Android games). Teams of 25+ people creating a game with AAA-like graphics quality;
    – Planned and executed after-launch Live actions, such as seasonal items, sales and gifts;
    – Communicated with HQ in San Francisco about production schedules, Sprints, backlogs, weekly reports, game design specs and requests for resources and outsourcing.

  • Producer

    Glu Mobile
    (4 months)São Paulo Area, Brazil

    Production of iOS games, managing and helping artists, programmers and designers. Quickly promoted to Head of Production after ~3 months.

  • Producer

    Zeebo, Inc.
    (1 year 4 months)Campinas Area, Brazil

    Independent console producer, invested by Qualcomm. Company was a spin-off from Tectoy Digital where I worked before.

    – Produced and designed 4 original games for the Zeebo/BREW platform;
    – Managed a team of 18 people.;
    – Led the development of Zeebo F.C. Super League, considered the best of Zeebo by our community;
    – Co-created the concepts of Zeeboids, a user avatar system that would also store save-games in the cloud.

  • Business Development

    Interama Games
    (2 years 6 months)Campinas Area, Brazil

    A successful game studio in Brazil since 2005.

    – Communications with international Publishers, also attending trade shows abroad;
    – Developed new businesses for Interama, including a deal with Atari to produce Faeries vs. Darklings;
    – Created Development Plans for Publishers and for government sponsorships.

  • Producer

    (1 year 6 months)Campinas Area, Brazil

    A successful game studio in Brazil since 2007.

    – Produced and designed 5 original games;
    – Produced 3 game ports for Zeebo (from PC, iOS and Symbian), including Quake 2;
    – Managed 25+ people;
    – Managed up to 4 teams simultaneously.

  • Professor

    (2 years 1 month)Vitória Area, Brazil

    University with 300+ employees.

    Professor of Multimedia, Entrepreneurship, .NET Development and Web Development courses on Bachelor and Undergraduate Computing programs of faculty FAESA.

    – Lectured on Entrepreneurship, Business Plan production and IT Innovation;
    – Lectured on C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET;
    – Lectured on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript.

  • Co-Founder & CEO

    Interama Games
    (3 years 5 months)Vitória Area, Brazil

    A successful game studio in Brazil since 2005.

    – Led the development of 8 games. Designed, coded and created UI art for 4 games;
    – Development of Business Plans;
    – Marketing and communication with media and clients;
    – Awarded with 7 prizes in Games and Entrepreneurial contests, including 3 government sponsorships.

  • Lead Webdeveloper

    ESAB – Escola Superior Aberta do Brasil
    (11 months)Vila Velha Area, Brazil

    Online University with Post-Graduation programs

    – Led the development of a LMS (Learning Management System);
    – Web Design, Web Art and SEO of e-learning sites;
    – Created the Logo and the Corporate Identity the company uses to this day.

  • Freelance Web Designer and Graphic Designer

    Web Designer / Designer Gráfico Freelancer
    (4 years 1 month)Vitória Area, Brazil

    – Created Websites for small companies from the end of the 90’s to the beginning of the 2000’s;
    – Created Corporate Visual Identity (including Logos) for small companies;
    – Web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash & ActionScript, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Director (Shockwave) & Lingo.;
    – Graphic design with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel DRAW, Macromedia Freehand.